James H.

When I fell to the floor, I heard a voice say, ‘They are here for you, James.’ I saw ambulance lights flashing outside. Then I felt a tug of war or maybe my soul being pulled from my body. I felt fear and that something good was pulling me.

Then I was in a void. I could see, but not with my eyes. I felt that I was joined into a greater consciousness and therefore I had more capacity to understand things. I understood how everything fit together and that everything is a whole. I could see a green grid made of light flowing under me. The feeling that I felt was pure bliss; words cannot really describe the feelings. They were wonderful! Then a voice asked me what good had I done to be let into heaven. I said, ‘I believed in Jesus Christ as my lord and savior.’ The voice said it was sending me back and told me the reason. But when I went back to my body, I couldn’t and still can’t remember why I was sent back.

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