Nancy O.

On a Thursday or Friday before a three day weekend that was part of a public holiday on Monday. I was put in nurses’ sick bay of a psychiatric hospital I worked at in Sydney. I had a spiraling temperature that was probably a virus and was not capable of working. At this time in the mid-1960s the hospital did not have many medical staff on daily. Most psychiatrists were called in as needed. There was a physician who was employed at the hospital to attend to the physical health of the residential patients, but he would have been on leave for the 3-day weekend.

From what I recall, I was initially given penicillin tablets causing me to break out in a rash. The medical diagnosis of the rash was measles. I was aware of the nurse giving me penicillin injections and saw her taking my general observations on a regular basis.

I was floating above my body and looking down, wondering why they were still giving me the penicillin. I somehow knew this was the problem. I remember seeing from my floating position above the bed. I can still describe the jaunty actions and dress of the young Doctor who was called in to see me on the Monday holiday. He agreed I had measles and recommended continuing the penicillin. On Tuesday morning, I saw the hospital physician come in and examine me. He immediately ordered that they cease giving me the penicillin. I must have recovered fairly quickly over the next 2 days.

I had no fear of death after this experience. I am aware that I must have been clairvoyant from a very early age in my childhood as I often knew things but was ridiculed for same by family. It was after this experience that I started to have experiences when I see some people at their or just after their death point and on the other side. When I see them I usually find out later that they died at the point in time when I have seen them or woken from sleep aware they have died. These sights are extremely vivid especially the colors.

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