I am based in Brazil, my English is not very good, but I will try to share what have happened to me.

I am new here and I would like to share something that happened to me and that made me very uneasy ever since. Here follows three different experiences:

My first experience

On September 1998 I lost a cousin of mine. He was 21 years old at that time and was the youngest son among the children. My aunt got desperate when he got sick without any reason and died one week after only. I remember that when he was at the hospital I was at home preparing myself to go to work. My mother was with me and then she asked me if I was smelling flowers scent inside home. I told her that I could smell flowers scent as well and she found that very strange, especially because there were no flowers at home nor even nearby. I asked her why and she said it was a kind of presage, because my cousin was not recovering from his illness and the doctors had said they could do nothing else for him but wait for his recovering. Ten minutes later, after the flowers scent, the telephone rang. It was from the hospital and they said that my cousin had just died. His funeral was very sad because nobody could accept his death, especially for there was no explanation for that sad fate. Some weeks later after his death I was sleeping in my bedroom when I had a dream in which I was searching for my cousin in a beautiful place, full of trees, a green lawn, the sun was shining beautifully and the sky was clean and blue. In my dream, I knew he was at that place and there were other people there gathering. They seemed to be happy, talking to each other but they could not see me or listen to me, so I could not ask them about my cousin. I kept looking for him until I felt his presence. I turned back and saw him; he looked ten years younger and said no word. He only smiled at me and I smiled back. I understood that he was fine, no words were necessary, and it seemed that we could understand each other telepathically. At this very moment, when I understood that he was fine, a voice in my bedroom came closer to my ear and whispered: Tell his mother. I woke up immediately with that voice. It was a kind and gentle voice, and it seemed that the voice wanted to wake me up so that I could remember my dream in details. It took a long time for me to fall asleep again, because I kept thinking about that dream the rest of the night until morning. When I got up I told my mother about my dream and she advised me to tell it to my aunt because she believed it could bring some kind of comfort to her. That’s what I did. I went to my aunt’s house and told her everything in details. She thanked me a lot but regretted for not being the one who was there to meet her son. I never had such a dream with my cousin again. It was the first and last time. I believe he is fine at a very good place.

My second experience

In 2012 I lost a friend in a tragic car accident and weeks later I had a very vivid dream where I saw a strange place, like a region of caves. He was naked and in front of him there was a huge creature, about 3 meters tall or more chained by the feet. In the dream I was there to help this friend of mine, and prayed for him there, talking about Jesus and God. The more I talked to Jesus and God, the more furious the creature was, trying to break free from the chains to get me. It screamed and drooled to growl at me, but could not reach me. I seemed to levitate in a higher plane and was above the creature that tried in vain to reach me. I woke up suddenly from this dream and it was around three in the morning. It was very vivid dream. I do not know if after this dream, my friend received or not some kind of help as I never dreamed of him again.

My third experience

On May 25, 2014 I lost my fifty- year-old brother due to a stroke followed by a heart attack on the same day. As I have a Christian background, but not very grounded, I got concerned about his welfare on the other side. I believe in the immortality of the soul, but on behalf of my Christian principles, I wondered where he would be continuing his existence, if in a good plan or perhaps in a bad one. This idea was hanging around my head for days, and chances are that those things could be a projection of my mind.

On a Saturday morning in June (my brother died on May 2014), I woke up around 4 am and could not sleep anymore. I was rolling on the bed, without finding a comfortable position to fall asleep again until I turned on my back and gazed on the wall next to my bed. The room was still very dark, but I could see the white wall beside my bed.

While I was looking at it, I saw something like a TV screen on the wall and could see that the screen was grayish blue, blurry half, but did not display any image. I saw only a translucent and opaque light in this gray and blurry blue screen. I say blurred, because it was like when taking bath with hot shower and the bathroom glass gets sweaty with steam. I could see those isolated letters starting to form on the screen, as if someone was on the other side writing with his fingertip on the steam.

At first, the letters were disjointed and did not form anything that made sense, but after a while they began to appear one by one, displaying the word ‘help’. Intuitively, I do not know why, I understood that whoever wrote that, it was my brother, though I could not see him. Also I could hear his voice, a desperate voice claiming for help, a crying voice that was talking about something that made him suffer, as if there were something there that was bothering him, for I heard him saying with a weepy voice ‘they …’, ‘they …’ and then it seemed as if I could see a cry drawn on the screen ‘Ahhhhhh …’ He looked like he was being chased by things that were harassing him and the despair tone in his voice made me equally desperate.

I was very distressed and terrified, because I understood perfectly that it was my brother suffering in a bad place, being plagued by bad things. I went into despair for not being able to help him immediately, because I understood that I was separated from him, though he could feel that I was close to him and him to me at that time.

I felt that he asked for help directly to me, although de had not said my name. Once this vision was over, I say vision, because I was not sleeping. I saw it all happening while I was wide-awake. Once that screen viewing passed, I kept looking at the same direction and saw an evil eye in the darkness of the room. It was an eye without a face (no, I didn’t listen to Billy Idol’s song that day!), it was just an eye, to be more specific, the left eye of a creature that I don’t know if it was good or not. I think it wasn’t because it was staring at me with an evil expression. It stared at me straight in the eye in the midst of the darkness. I was not afraid at all, but I feel goose bumps as I write this now. The only thing I could do at that time, according to my Christian precepts was praying. That eye approached me in the dark room and came very close. As I said, it was just an evil eye in the darkness, faceless, but seemed to speak through thought.

I faced that eye boldly, fearlessly and started talking quite loudly and with my index finger pointed to that thing. And then, I kept saying:

‘Jesus’s blood is powerful, he did not shed his blood on the cross in vain, he died for all of us, living and non-living; God’s love will triumph in the end and reconcile all things. All souls are God’s, for they came from him and will come back to him, and they do not belong to anybody else. ‘

I don’t know why I said those words, but it was as if they were being said for me, as if someone had put them into my mouth. At first I thought I said all that based on my religious convictions, although I must admit I do not attend any kind of church. I felt that the eye seemed to say to me as I prayed that it was too late because my brother was at a place from where he could not leave. I was reluctant and did not accept it as a truth. I did all my prayer carefully, in order not to wake up my parents, and then, the eye went backward and disappeared in the darkness of the room.

I told myself that everything was only a mental projection based on my fears. Maybe it was a kind of spiritual warning, telling me that my brother might not be at a good place and perhaps the same would happen to me if I did not change the way I lived my life. I continued to pray and to cry out to God for mercy, asking Jesus to take pity of my brother’s soul.

I did not tell this vision to anyone at home because I know they would be terrified, especially my parents. I preferred to accept all this as my imagination instead of thinking in the classical view of people being eternally condemned to hell. I do not even know if that was a warning vision for me to look after myself or the same would happen to me. I was very confused and I am afraid to take my conclusions.

After that vision, I decided to light candles for my brother 7 days a week until his next birthday (he died before being 51). He would be 51 years old on August 13th that year. I lit candles from mid-June until the day of his birthday. I bought candles and lit inside home and, in doing so, made a prayer asking God that light could symbolize His light, so that my brother found the path that would lead up to God.

Around August, after my brother’s birthday, I had a dream (not a vision) where I received the news that he was in a hospital. In my dream, I went there to visit him and upon arriving at the site, I found him lying on a bed, very agitated, unconscious, twitching and turning his head quickly from side to side. I held him tight in my arms and began to pray for him again, asking for the intervention of God, his mercy and his care for my brother. After this dream, everything kept calm for a while. I never dreamed of him again until an afternoon while I was taking a nap at home after getting home from work. In this next dream, I met him at a place similar to an office. There was a table, he was sitting at this table and stood up to shake my hand with a nice smile on his face. He seemed to be OK, I knew that he had died and was having the opportunity to visit him. After shaking my hand, he said: ‘You have not visited me yet’�. I do not know what he meant, but I had not visited his grave since his funeral. According to a friend of mine who has been a spiritualist person, my brother was rescued from the place where he was and was referred to a hospital in the spiritual world and the things that bothered him were not evolved spirits that inhabited the place where he went. This friend of mine thinks I had a very important role in the question of rescuing my brother. He said I had medium ship and should take this more seriously. So, I had three different experiences with him so far: The vision in my bedroom, the dream about the hospital and finally the place where he might be working to help other souls.

All this is very confusing, but I wish someone could tell me suitability what you think about these things. It is not the first time this happens to me.