Cameron M.

This happened during my medically-induced coma of about three weeks in length.

I was in a great white room that was rectangular in shape. I couldn’t see any of the walls, floors or ceiling, but my mind just tried to make sense of it all. The room was long, almost tunnel like. Close to the end of this tunnel, there were two men sitting with their legs crossed and face to face with each other. As I approached them, the men stood up. I drew nearer to them. I could see the man looking back at me was Jesus Christ. The other man, I do not know whom he was. But I know he did not like me very much. The two were bickering about what to do with me. Jesus rose up his hand as if to say stop, and said, ‘Hold on for five minutes. We haven’t figured out what to do with you yet.” He pointed for me to go to my right or his left. After I followed his instruction, I met Ronald Reagan. I never really liked the man in life. According to my grandmother, he was the devil. But, I have to tell you that he was one of the nicest guys I’d ever met. We chatted for a while. I asked him about Hinkley and he just laughed. The whole experience with Jesus was telepathic. He did not speak with words but I heard him. He was a very strong Shepherd. He appeared like someone from Greece with his haircut from some old movie. The hair looked almost sheered, like that of a sheep. The Jesus that I met had very dark hair and dark complexion, almost Arabic or Greek. You could tell he was from the Mediterranean. He was so strong, nothing like he has been portrayed in movies.