Steve L.

While driving my car through an intersection, another driver hit my car at a high rate of speed causing my car to be wrapped around a telephone pole. When I was put into the back of the ambulance, the ambulance disappeared and I was transported into a light. When I was in the light, a being asked me one question four times. The question was, ‘Who are you?’ I didn’t know how to answer that question. (In fact, I answered it wrong three times.) Finally, the fourth time when this light being asked the question I answered, ‘I don’t know who I am.’ The light being replied, ‘You are love.’ I asked if I could stay because it was so beautiful there and I didn’t want to come back to earth. The light being said, ‘No, you have a mission that you must do.’ I didn’t know what the mission was but I said ‘Yes’ to returning back to the earth. Since my NDE, I have been sharing my story with many people. I have also received a gift of channeling in 2011 and I am also a psychic intuitive. Thank you for listening. Namaste!