All I remember is slipping on the floor. After that, my memory is floating through a dark tunnel. I could still feel and hear my mother crying as if I was dead. Even though I knew it was my mother, who is crying, I didn’t have any feelings for her. I could feel that my body is lying there, but I knew that I am not that body. I was different from that body. While floating through the black tunnel, all I felt was the joy of going somewhere I wanted to go. I was heading to my destination. I could feel the presence of my grandmother who had passed away several years before when I was in elementary class. I could feel the presence of other souls, too. All of a sudden, I heard a strong command to open my eyes. I heard it three times; the command was so strong. I felt like I was back in my body. After the third time I heard the command, I opened my eyes. I felt so distressed, as if I am going to vomit if I didn’t open my eyes. Finally, somehow, I pushed open my eyes. I am not sure how long this experience lasted but it felt like forever, although my mom said that it lasted for several minutes. They took me to hospital to check me out, but doctors could not find anything wrong with my head.