I was at a party, and a guy told me he had some weed that was special. I’m not a weed smoker, but he was cute. I remember smoking a little, then getting up to walk, and then nothing. Suddenly, I was floating above myself; up against the ceiling like a balloon, and then softly bumping the ceiling. I could hear people talking, like my hands were cupped over my ears. I really remember the parts in people’s hair, straight down the middle, but I couldn’t see faces. One girl was trying to help me and was very upset. She said, ‘She’s not breathing, somebody help her!’ While watching this, I was very calm and peaceful. I did not know the girl. I felt grateful that she cared. I had a sense of affection for her and her caring about me. I heard someone say, ‘She’s wet her pants.’ Not caring at all, I was only curious about what I could see. Then suddenly, like suction, I was back in my body! My hearing came back. It went from muffled to normal during the suctioning back to my body. I could feel myself again and was affected by gravity. I felt heavy. A friend helped me up and took me outside for air. I was unconcerned about what had happened. I didn’t feel ‘high.’ I thought about what happened. I was worried that if I had died, that I would have been trapped in the house forever, like a ghost. I went home, went to bed, and didn’t tell anyone for about 20 years