I had an MRI to look for problems with my spinal cord. For this test, a very small amount of MRI contrast is injected into the cerebral spinal fluid (CSF) space. I was given an incorrect dose (way more than I should have gotten). This caused me to start vomiting and to be unable to talk, walk, or move. I was unconscious much of the time until several hours later a drain was put in that drained the contrast out.

During this unconscious time, I started floating around in darkness. In the darkness, I could see two lights. They were both shaped the same and one was under the other. They looked like arcs of light, the left side being more rounded and the right side more pointed. They weren’t labeled and had nothing visible to distinguish them. I floated over to the top beam of light. It seemed to represent positive things like love, kindness, gratitude and warmth. In my mind I labeled it ‘the positive’. I then floated down to the lower beam of light. It seemed to represent negative things like greed, hate, terror, dishonesty, etc. I labeled it ‘the negative’. When I was close to the negative, I saw another beam of light inside it that looked just like the other ones and was connected to the negative. I floated over to it and saw 5 or 6 beings there. I quickly realized I was on the other. side. The beings were each in a lighted compartment. I couldn’t see their faces, but I could tell they were people. They were gray all over. I also realized that I wasn’t supposed to be there and it wasn’t up to me to decide. It was very clearly communicated to me. I could also feel that it would be a beautiful place to be whenever that time came that I was supposed to be there. I backed out of this space and the negative space and went back up to the positive. I decided to stay with the positive and not go back to the negative. This took some concentration, but I felt it would be the best way to survive.

After the drain was put in and it started draining the excess contrast, I started to come around. At that point, the beams of light faded and my attention was turned to the nurses and doctors taking care of me.