I had surgery on my belly while under general anesthesia in a hospital. When waking up, I was constantly vomiting. Then I remember that I suddenly found myself like being isolated in my head, as if being in a fish bowl. I saw the silhouettes of the nurses and it was impossible for me to communicate.

Then I saw both, the nurses and the doctors, clearly while their faces had a panicked look. I had a view on the heart monitor from above. I heard each of the staff’s comments as they also saw the curves on the monitor. I heard that they were talking about me like I was dead. They said things like, ‘Oh she must have been beautiful this woman, with her curly hair. The worst is that we will have to inform the elderly man. Do you think it’s her husband?’ When one replied, ‘No, he is too old. He must be her father and the young man by his side, must be his son,’ I became aware that my life was at risk. I isolated myself and as I’m a believer, I constantly prayed in my head fishbowl, saying that I wanted to live. I asked for help in my prayers with one of my friends who had died recently. I didn’t see the tunnel nor the light. I think that my prayers protected me.

When I woke up, the medical personnel were relieved. They told me that they never saw something like this before. Seen my condition, I managed everything well and was in a state of ‘Olympic’ calm. I effectively had serious heart problems and found myself 15 days in intensive care services. In the following years, I had no fear of death at all anymore.