I had an automobile accident. Three days later, according to my social worker, the doctors told me they could operate to attempt to straighten the bone at the bridge of the nose, which had been broken in the impact. I agreed to this and they started to get me ready for surgery. When everything was OK, they took me to the operating room. I remember as they started to inject me, they were joking among themselves. After receiving the anesthesia, I remember nothing more about that place. I have mentioned to you that they had said to me the anesthesia was local, but I don’t remember anything about the Operating Room, just that which I have already said, before they injected me. Then I began to go through a dark tunnel extremely fast. I wanted to cling to the sides but it was impossible. Just then, I started to slow down. I saw beautiful coloured lights on the sides. Below, appeared a very strong white light, to which I drew near. Almost as if in slow motion, I was floating and feeling a deep peace. It was a beautiful sensation of tranquility. I arrived at this light that was so intense it was almost blinding. I went through the light. Arriving was like a toboggan ride. I sat down. By my side, were two people dressed totally in white. They reminded me of a planning board. They looked at everyone who arrived in this place, which was like a holding room to another portal, while they wrote on this board. They were all dressed in white. These two, were a man with a neat beard which was well-trimmed and a woman with short well- trimmed hair. They wore white garments as if in uniform. All the time people were passing by us. Once or twice they looked at me. Then, it was as if they were grabbing me by the shoulders while still looking at me. That was the last I remember before returning to myself in the post- surgical room. What I do remember is I had a peace that I never felt before. It was a sensation of well-being. I had no memories, nor did I see anything bad. I didn’t see dead people. I was just in a very beautiful state. Then I found myself in the post-operation room visited by many medics. They said the surgery would take between 20 and 40 minutes; nevertheless, I was in the operating room for 4 hours and they could give no explanation.