Scott W.

Here is an excerpt of my story, from the night of my heart attack: I realized that the moment I had been praying, there was something really different about the level of connection of my prayer. I didn’t feel like I was away from my body. From the time I knew I had arrested, I … Read more

Bobby H.

At the age of 8, my brother and I underwent elective tonsillectomies. Upon having tonsils removed, I was sent to the post-operation room. At some point immediately following the surgery, I began to hemorrhage. I remember hearing panicked voices all around me. There was urgency in their voices and then the sensation of being moved. … Read more

Leslie K.

While asleep, I dreamt of being at a resort in a tropical locale. There were floatable rafts and chairs in the water for visitors, none of which were occupied. Everything around me, from the water to the buildings, appeared clear/muddy and pristine/dilapidated at the same time somehow. The buildings were dark stucco with red roofs. … Read more


When I was younger, my parents were both working full-time jobs. My father was stationed at Fort Bliss and my mother worked various defense or education-related jobs. Thus, I was placed into a summer youth program. I was one of the younger, if not the youngest child, in the program. One summer day, they took … Read more


Following a pharyngitis that wasn’t healing, I woke up with a swollen face. My eye was almost completely closed. I was urgently operated on because I was diagnosed with septicemia, abscesses in my lungs, and I had a clot in the left jugular vein that had a high chance of causing several strokes. My last … Read more

Susan D.

I went into a space where there was a huge castle made of golden-yellow light. There where thousands of little lights dancing around the castle, while joyfully singing very loudly. I knew that they were souls. They were celebrating their salvation and were worshipping a Being inside the castle, whom I now know was Jesus. … Read more