Laura V.

I fought with all my strength to stay conscious as I suffocated, because I thought if I passed out, he wouldn’t stop and I would die. But then I did lose consciousness.

The moment I lost consciousness, I popped up out of my body. Immediately I heard a voice from the corner of the room saying, ‘Your husband is waiting for you outside.’ Something made me turn my head, and I saw a golden door in the wall of the room where there had been no door before. I went out this golden door, and immediately saw Christ, or so I believed Him to be. The world outside was still much the same as it was in normal life, but everything glowed with beautiful color, and I smelled flowers so sweet there is no describing it.

The most remarkable thing about this experience was the feeling of having passed straight from the most unimaginable horror, degradation of all that is good and holy, and into this scene of unimaginable peace and beauty, and a sense of the sacredness of me and my body. Standing back in the live oak trees were two or three large angels that glowed a soft white. But Christ, who was before me, glowed with a sort of cool, pure white brilliance that did not hurt my eyes. I could see His form in spite of it. He held out his arm to me and said, ‘Do you want to go with me now?’ I don’t really remember much of our conversation. But I do know we were discussing whether I should stay or go. I know I decided to come back.

The next thing I knew I was back in my body, but it was short-lived. I discovered I could not stay in my body because there was a problem. The man was gone, but I still could not breathe. So I popped back out of my body and I saw three angels working on my body. They turned me over and pushed on my back, like a heavenly medical team. Then they turned me on my back again, and they passed their hands up and down my body, and my body glowed. Then they went straight up, through the ceiling, and were gone. I was left feeling very confused. I looked down on my body and though I looked very beautiful and peaceful, I was white as snow and looked dead to myself. I had agreed to come back, but I doubted I could go back into that body. I didn’t know what to do. So I decided to try to follow the angels. I went up through the ceiling and up into the sky. I heard them talking to each other far ahead of me, but it was in music. Their language was music. I followed the sound of their music until I found myself inside a cloud. It was full of fine, misty rain, and I felt like I was being washed clean. I just floated in there. It was so peaceful, I could have stayed. But then suddenly I felt a big jolt, and I realized I had better go back now or it would be too late.

The next thing I knew I was back in my body. I was very out of it, but I remember my first feeling was one of peace and love and protection, which seems strange to me until I realized from where I had just come. I am not sure whether I was fully aware of what had happened to me. I don’t remember much of anything afterward except my Dad watching me and watching me, and wondering what was wrong with me.

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