I had a quick experience. One day, my mother was picking my sister and me up from school. My mother was in a rush to get back to her job. We had to cross a bridge on our way back home. It was a normal pavement bridge with cement walls. My mom’s tires were old and a truck had spread oil on the pavement earlier that day. Trucks with sand would pass over the bridge and the sand would fall on the road. I remember the moment, slowing down, when all was happening. My mother entered the bridge. I saw the apartment buildings surrounding the area. The car lost control. There was a section of wall missing that covers the sides of the bridge, in case of an accident. Our bad luck was that we were going directly into the space without a wall which would have caused our death upon impact.

I remember not feeling anything, just seeing a bright white light. I know it sounds typical for people to say that, but it’s true. My life didn’t flash before my eyes, but I did have a last glimpse of people I loved. I saw my little sister. I thought that I am with them and I felt peace. Once my mom got the car back under control and didn’t crash, the light shut off.

I was back in the car, scared, yet looking at my mom and sister with a smile. The guy coming behind us explained how horrible it was that he saw the car almost fall off the bridge. But God was there and it was not our time.

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