Susan D.

I went into a space where there was a huge castle made of golden-yellow light. There where thousands of little lights dancing around the castle, while joyfully singing very loudly. I knew that they were souls. They were celebrating their salvation and were worshipping a Being inside the castle, whom I now know was Jesus. Souls of my great-grandparents and other relatives, who I never met, came to greet me and encouraged me to join in with them in the singing and dancing. They were very patient and loving. I knew these people knew my family and I instantly felt a connection to them, even though I never met them. They were saying things like ‘Isn’t he wonderful? God has done so much for us!’ I didn’t understand exactly what it was he had done but knew that I would find out later. I then heard God say, telepathically, that I had to go back because I had work to do which was to lead my mother to salvation and to help her. I knew without a shadow of doubt that’s what I had to do and never questioned it. The music was extremely loud with so many different kinds of harmonies that I have never heard on Earth, and yet it wasn’t disturbing. It all made sense and came together beautifully. It seemed to me that when I was in spirit form that it never sounds too loud, only peaceful and very joyful. All I knew were that souls were celebrating and Jesus was celebrating with them. The next minute I woke up on the couch at my grandmother’s place. I was shivering with a cold washcloth on my forehead and Mum fussing over me.

My life has been hard ever since my experience, but because I found the Lord at age 22, he has always been there to help and guide me through. My family is slowly coming around to him because of the changes they have seen in me. In my early thirties, I had a skin graft to my nose and just before coming out of the operation, I had an out of body experience. I was outside my body in recovery looking at my face with all the bandages. I could see the nurse with her hand on the phone waiting for me to awaken. I felt God was telling me to go back in because I was meant to go through all this. Next thing, I was back in my body in a lot of pain. The nurse rang for the orderlies to come and get me.