Michelle B.

It was a humid summer’s day and the sky was gray. It was like any regular day, except my twin sister was not with me. My two older sisters and I went to an inlet on the Missouri River to swim. The inlet had tree limbs and my sisters could touch the bottom with their feet. I was swimming from one side to the tree limbs on which my eldest sister was sitting. I was pulled under the water very quickly and could not see the surface of the water or reach the surface. My sister had been frantically searching for me in the water and had grabbed me by my hair and pulled me out of the water. I remember coughing and throwing up water while my sisters laughed at me. I also remember feeling angry about that hand and coming back here. I was confused about that light and intense love, so much so that I wondered why I had to be snatched from it to hear my sisters laugh at me. I did not get back into the water.