Anthony S.

Prior to the experience on November 28, 2007, I had been at work at a Sears Call Center. All that day I had a headache that would not go away. Co-workers told me that I kept falling asleep at my cubicle, yet I didn’t even realize it. Later after lunch that day, I began to … Read more

Leo A.

I was about to connect a tri-phase board and when I was finishing the task, the boards exploded in my face. My hands were on the board causing the electricity to course through me. I experienced very high temperatures for a few seconds and a voltaic arc was produced. For reasons unknown, the short was … Read more


Following a pharyngitis that wasn’t healing, I woke up with a swollen face. My eye was almost completely closed. I was urgently operated on because I was diagnosed with septicemia, abscesses in my lungs, and I had a clot in the left jugular vein that had a high chance of causing several strokes. My last … Read more