Following a pharyngitis that wasn’t healing, I woke up with a swollen face. My eye was almost completely closed.

I was urgently operated on because I was diagnosed with septicemia, abscesses in my lungs, and I had a clot in the left jugular vein that had a high chance of causing several strokes.

My last conscious memory was my arrival at the operating room and the beginning of anesthesia. At that moment, I didn’t know at all of which kind of pathology I was suffering. I just knew that, seeing the general panic in the surgery room, it must have been very serious.

I was than in total blackness.

Surrounding me was fog. I can distinguish some forms, but they pass me on my right and left side without seeing me.

I review my life, from my infancy until the meeting with my fiancĂ©. The flashes are not flashes, but they resemble big pictures with golden frames and very beautiful moldings. I’m visiting the gallery of my life.

I know that I’m advancing straight forward, pushed by some unfamiliar instinct. There is no space for reason and there is no goal. I have to go forward and that’s all.

Time doesn’t exist.

There is no path, yet I know that I’m going straight forward.

As a background music I hear the song ‘I just call to say I love you’.

Then, something is changing. I’m getting aware of a voice. The voice seems to come from afar; it’s neither a female nor a male voice. It just tells me, ‘Turn right now’ and I have to change my path.

Making a great psychical effort, I achieve making my body move to the right. This is taking an effort, it’s so difficult. I have the impression having to make changing direction to an enormous ship, with just one paddle.

Then I woke up from a deep coma of 8 days.