Kate L.

I was rushed to the surgical theatre.

On arrival at the public hospital, I remember being on the ceiling looking down at the surgery taking place. I was not at all distressed. The surgeon asked for an instrument. He was given the wrong one, so he threw it on the floor. Then I went down a long tunnel that got brighter and brighter. I could hear music that was unbelievable. I have loved music ever since. I came out into a place so bright with flowers and trees and a stream with a bridge over it. The bridge appeared to be made of tree trunks that were sort of entwined.

At the other side of the bridge were my Grandma. Next to her was another woman who had brilliant blue eyes and a dark mole near her mouth with an indent in her chin. I had never seen her before. I went to step onto the bridge and my Grandma told me to go back, that it was not my time. She said I would come there eventually. I felt so sad as I desperately wanted to go to her. She was always there for me as a child. I felt a huge whoosh.

The next thing I knew was that I was conscious. My mother, whom I was never close to, was sitting by my bed crying. She said, ‘We nearly lost you. You have been so sick and been unconscious for several days.’ I said, ‘I want to tell you something.’ She said, ‘No, just rest.’ I insisted. I told her about this experience and I could see she did not believe me until I came to the bridge part. My grandma was her mother. Anyway I described the lady with my Grandma, my Mother said that she was her grandma and that she died long before I was born.

When the surgeon came around to see me he started telling me how sick I had been and how I died on the table. I told him that I was watching and I saw him throw the instrument on the floor. Then I told him the story and he asked who had I been talking to? I said, ‘No one.’

Since my experience, I tend to believe in God more, but I am still uncertain about my Church beliefs because I think so many of them are man-made. Surely God would not insist on things like the pill being illegal in our church and that we should just abstain from sex if we do not want more children.

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