Lonnie L.

I had not been in the department long; it was an unusually hot month of May. We had had several calls that day to respond to grass fires or forest fires in the area. I had not eaten much, and none of the fire trucks had any water or food left on them. I had been going back to back with calls that morning without really stopping for a rest. It was over 30 degrees centigrade.

As we responded to the large grass fire of over 10 hectares, my captain, on the first response fire truck, told me to wear my full bunker gear including SCBA (self-contained breathing apparatus). I questioned him, as all of the others wore Nomex [Flame-resistant fiber] coveralls or just their t-shirt and bunker pants; but because I was still on probation, he wanted me completely suited-up. At the end of the call, my knees started to buckle. I communicated to several firefighters that I needed water, and was told there was none. On my way back to the truck, I took off the SCBA and bunker gear, and passed-out.

Time seemed to not exist. Though I recall being aware of my surroundings, they were not the surroundings where I had passed-out. I was completely surrounded by a beautiful, white light that words could not properly describe or do justice. It was nothing I have ever seen or experienced. I felt very much at peace and not afraid. I heard the most beautiful music, like classical or choir music. It was nothing like I have heard before; it was not anything human or from musical instruments I recognized. I did not feel anything except peace and happiness. I did not want to return.

As I pulled back into my body and began to wake up, it had become dark around me. I was aware of paramedics on either side of me with firefighters standing by watching. So much time had passed that I did not realize that the paramedics had arrived. I had completely lost time. Time seemed to not exist. I remember that I kept my eyes closed a little longer, not wanting to open them and to come out of this place.

I then tried to tell my captain and the paramedics about the light and the music I heard, but they stared blankly at me. They laughed it off, not wanting to listen to my enthusiastic description of what had just happened.

The firefighters on my department turned their backs on me, walked away and tried to get me fired, claiming that I could not handle the job. I had to fight to stay on, and made changes in the department for future calls by getting proper rehabilitation equipment on all vehicles. It was very challenging after the incident. None of my co-workers seemed interested in hearing what I had to say, so I kept it to myself for a very long time until I spoke with others who had also had a near death experience.

I have had very specific dreams and messages for people in my life since the experience. They are not for me to keep. I sometimes know things that I pass on to the person. It is as if I see a movie happening, a dream of sorts that can have a very bad outcome. So I warn them of what could happen, but the choice is always up to them. It scares the person, but every time they listened to what I had seen, causing a change in their course or direction so they are heading for a positive outcome. It has happened a handful of times now.

I am very intuitive, and follow my instincts now, regardless of what people think or say. I am often met with a lot of resistance, speculation, and criticism. This does not bother me, as I have learned through these experiences to trust in God and to listen to my instincts. It has served me, and others around me, well. I feel very grateful and blessed every single day. I see the beauty and miracles in everyday life on a daily basis now. I appreciate everything so much more after this experience.

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