Shadow N.

The experience happened in 2004 when I was 24 years old. At that time, I was studying in the United Kingdom and doing a part-time fast food delivery job. One night, when I was finishing the food delivery to a house and going back to my car, there were 3-5 teenagers waiting by my car. I felt they might rob my car or money. They saw me and walked up to me. I was terrified and started running away. In about 10 seconds, they caught me.

I was knocked down to the ground and my head hit the curb hard. At that time, I still remember a little of what happened. The teenagers took my car keys and drove away in my car. All I was able to do was to stand there and watch them drive my away car.

The next thing I remember is being surrounded by warm, white, and bright lights. I saw all my past events, even the sad things in my past; including some things, I might have already forgotten. Then I cried very happily. I felt like I was finally released by all circumstances. I’m not worried about anything anymore. There is nothing I miss about family or friends. I was crying from happiness and relief.

The doctor did a work-up on me. I had suffered brain damage and memory loss for a few hours. In those few hours, I could not remember who I am; there was nothing in my head. My memories started to come to my head by the next morning when I was in hospital. But still many things happened in the past that I cannot remember.

The MOST IMPORTANT thing is that I felt my soul didn’t belong to the body. It feels like I went inside somebody else’s body/vessel. That feeling has been with me for years. It feels like the original soul of the body was gone and I just took the empty body with its memories and now live within it. I don’t seem to have emotions, not even about the happy or sad things. I feel things differently after that experience. I think that death is not the destiny of our journey, there is another world or place we will go when we finish the lives here.

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