Sue Ann

In the ambulance, I remember telling the emergency medical technician (EMT) while on the way to the hospital, that ‘I’m dying; I can feel that I’m going.’ She yelled, ‘no, no, no, you’re not! Stay with me!’ I even heard the machine I was connected start beeping as I flat-lined.

The next thing I know, I’m in a bright light but it doesn’t sting my eyes. Even the ground was light. I looked to my right and saw three identical, humanoid beings but they were very old. They seemed to be connected as one. They wore a robe with flower petals and feathers that were falling around them. My spirit spoke for me telepathically to the beings. My soul knew the questions I needed to ask, which centered on why I have endured so much heartache and hardships. He answered telepathically, ‘You have chosen every path you have taken; everything that has happened was directly related to your choices. You will rejoice in every experience one day, but it isn’t your time yet.’ Next, I was in a cathedral and surrounded by people I couldn’t recognize because my own light was too bright. They all began to talk at once. I yelled, ‘One at a time! I don’t understand you.’

Then I woke up. The EMT was giving me CPR. I remember my first breath because it was the hardest thing I have ever done, taking in air for the first time after being dead. My doctor was amazed showing me where I flat lined. He said 95% of people don’t come back from being gone as long as I was. Even more amazing, I had no organ damage. I was only gone 20 seconds. I remained in critical condition for three days but have made a full recovery.”,When I was before the three beings. I’m certain I was before God.,More consciousness and alertness than normal, I was experiencing telepathy and understanding of things so clearly.

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