Dave Z.

I have no memory of the event prior to my NDE. I had a sudden cardiac arrest at a tennis club on Friday 11/8/2013. I woke up Tuesday, 5 days later, in hospital bed. I was unconscious, or in ‘cold coma’ from the event until I woke. The experience is the only thing I remember. It was very visual, through my eyes. I was rocketed straight upward to a bright light. It was like a different galaxy, or some kind of vortex in the sky. When I hit the light, everything was backwards. Up became down and I was then racing downward. As it became closer to earth, which was in black and white, I started to see streets and houses. It felt like a town but when I got closer, the earth then turned to blue and green in color. Upon impact, the colors expanded into an explosion of blue and green.