Bonnie M.

I was carrying a resentment towards a family member who was judging me concerning my grief and my relationship with my mother. I thought I would get it all out on paper and then I thought I would post it on Facebook (without names). It was a bitter essay of vitriol and vile language. After … Read more

Ray L.

When I awoke from a afternoon nap, it was like there was a presence. Nothing visual or fiscal, it was so real, I even asked if every thing was OK. It was then I realized that I was alone, there was no one or thing there …. the presence subsided, but I continued to think … Read more

Robyn R.

My sophomore year of high school a freshman named Pete joined the cross country team, which I was a part of. We were immediate friends. He was goofy, warm and always had me laughing. He would come meet me by my locker every day and we would walk to lunch together. He would always do … Read more

Carole M.

This is a symbolic ADC but I have never had one like it before or since. My cousin was fond of frogs and collected many statues and pictures of them. My cousin lived in Florida until his death late in 2010. This experience occurred in Florida at the pool of the Motel 6 where I … Read more

Mark F.

The first experience I remember was that there were several of us family members in beds set up for the funeral/wake. Sometime during the night while we were all sleeping there was a large thud of something crashing. We all promptly awoke and investigated the noise from within the room and found that a LARGE … Read more


My father died from cancer at 12:09 a.m., in the early hours of December 24, 2005 (Christmas Eve). Since my dad’s death my mother has had serious financial problems because his life insurance wasn’t payable due to a technicality, and her own job didn’t give her a pension. She tried to fight the life insurance … Read more


My mother passed away from ALS complications in July of 2014. It wasn’t unexpected, the disease tends to take individuals faster the older they are- the doctors had given my mom about 3 years from the date of diagnosis. My mother and I had a close relationship when I became an adult and I considered … Read more


A little background information: My father was my absolute best friend. He raised me as a single parent and after I graduated high school, we became extremely close. We both had very difficult lives but the bond we shared was/is unbreakable. He was diagnosed suddenly with Primary CNS Lymphoma and despite our best efforts, he … Read more