Carole M.

This is a symbolic ADC but I have never had one like it before or since. My cousin was fond of frogs and collected many statues and pictures of them.

My cousin lived in Florida until his death late in 2010. This experience occurred in Florida at the pool of the Motel 6 where I

was staying following a technical conference at Miami Beach. I had been in touch with my cousin’s partner at their home in Delray Beach and

we were dealing with the estate. In addition to my own sadness, I was affected by the sadness of his partner, so I was doubly sad – sad that he was sad.

Here is the description of the actual experience. I was sitting by the North-West corner of the pool at the Motel 6 facing East. I had just been in the pool but I did not see any frogs.

After I was sitting down, a frog appeared by the pool. I had assumed that it must have been in the pool. It was a good sized frog, about 5 inches long,

so I did not know how I could have missed it in the pool. I did not see any frogs in or near the pool when I went into the pool and left the pool.

I thought it odd that a frog should suddenly appear. When ‘real’ frogs get caught in pools they have a hard time getting out without help. In

retrospect, this must have been no ordinary physical frog. It jumped over to where I was sitting by the pool, turned to me an stopped. We spent a long

time, maybe a minute, looking at each other. I thought to myself, ‘Ray, I did not think you would be back so soon!’ Then the frog continued

to jump in the same direction away from the pool and finally it jumped in the bushes.

I had never had such a strange experience. I really cannot explain why the frog suddenly ‘appeared’ out of nowhere, nor why the frog decided to

turn and face me when it was directly in front of me. My cousin had quite a sense of humor so maybe this was his joke from beyond.