My father was cutting an olive tree with a chain saw. When I saw the tree falling towards me, I could not escape. I only had time to turn away and crouch down. One of the tree branches hit me in the back. I felt it had crushed my back and I felt a lot of pain. I told my parents that I no longer caught more olives. I got up and started walking towards home that was more or less 100 meters away. I could hardly see or hear. When I arrived at the house the door was closed. I told my parents, who were with me, that I was thirsty.

Then everything went dark. I started to slide at high speed through a tunnel. It had dark parts and other parts that were colored. Then I was was instantaneously sitting on top of a hill of very perfect and clean grass. I was level with the sun. I was wearing a white robe that covered my knees and was barefoot. A half-dozen meters away, I saw two or three trees that were not very large. Above me was a deep blue and cloudless sky. I felt a huge well-being. Neither the sun burned me, nor did I felt cold at all. I felt as if I were at home and that I had been away too long. I did not know where or why I felt this way. I was back and felt a joy that I can not describe in words. I did not remember having lived on earth. I only remembered that a tree had fallen on top of me and having a lot of pain. But I thought it had been a nightmare because in that place it was something that could never happen and again I was sure that in that place I was safe and happy forever. I felt completely free to do whatever I wanted because in that place nothing was forbidden. No evil existed, not even in my thoughts. I felt that life was something very, very precious, and I felt it would be like that for all eternity.

In that moment, I looked up at the blue sky and saw something like a lightning bolt; or rather a white light-beam coming from the sky. It looked like it entered through my head, and then I felt myself being fed directly by God. I felt literally that I was being filled with the love of God, being healed, being fulfilled with peace, happiness, joy, and life. I felt so loved by God and that was so wonderful that I have no words to describe the happiness I felt. I felt more alive and happier than I ever felt before. Then I started to hear screams and I knew that was my mother’s voice who was calling me. At first, I thought she was also coming to that wonderful place and I was waiting for her to show up. I was thinking that if I had someone with whom to share that happiness it would be better, but she did not show up. Rather, she continued to yell and then I started to get anxious. It started to get dark and I suddenly came flying through a lot of fog. Below that fog, I saw a very dark place. It seemed all burned with burned trees.

Then I opened my eyes and I was lying on the porch floor of my house with my parents by my side. When I saw that I was again on earth, I was very sad to be back. But at the same time I was happy because I knew I had been in heaven.