I was about 10 years old. I needed a tetanus shot. Later that evening, my arm hurt, this is not unusual for inoculations. I went upstairs to lie down in my bedroom. As I lay there, the pain in my arm became intense. Eventually the pain spread to the entire body. I was in excruciating pain. Even breathing was nearly impossible because it was too painful to move my chest to breathe. I was paralyzed so I could not go to get help nor call for help.

About the time when I knew I could not breathe any longer, a man came and took me out of my body. I stood by him, but did not see him. The amount of Love, joy, and peace that I felt was so extreme that I have no words to describe it. Those words I just used are trite compared to the level of emotion that enveloped me. He took me to a place where I could look down on my neighborhood. It reminded me of what being with Santa Claus in a sleigh would be like. Then we both moved to another vantage point where I could see more. Then he telepathically spoke to me. He told me to turn and look at my body. I did. It was lying there just fine. Then he said, ‘You just have to go back into it for a moment.’ I said, ‘O.K.’ We went over to my body. I just sat down and laid back down into my body. I am amazed I was willing to go back because the pain in my body was incredible. But the love and peace was so extreme, that I had no concerns about that. I knew beyond a doubt that this was my last breath I could force. I looked up at the light and said, ‘Father, just take care of me’, then closed my eyes.

HE must have healed me immediately because I woke up the next day.

I did not tell anyone about this because I felt that nobody would believe me, certainly not my Catholic parents. They believed that when you die you go to Limbo or Purgatory. I didn’t go there. I knew that information was wrong and didn’t wish to argue with them.

Three years later, we went to the World’s Fair in Queens NY, USA. We saw all the pavilions since we lived only about 20 minutes from there. When we got to the Mormon Pavilion where they had a movie called ‘Man’s Search for Happiness.’ In the movie, a grandfather died and was met by others. I thought, ‘Gosh, someone else knows about this!’ Still I kept quiet. As we left the Pavilion, the man who was with me when I died, came back and said to me, ‘It’s True.’ I later joined this church.