I had returned from surgery. After being rolled to my recovery room, I was told that my C-section was successful and that I had a nine pound, 24 inch long boy. Some time afterwards, I suddenly realized that I was looking down on myself as I lay in bed. Being a person who tends to analyze most situations before making a conclusion about a situation, I hovered above myself. As I looked down on myself, I said, ‘Oh, I have to lose some weight.’ It was then that I realized that it is impossible for people to see themselves in three dimensions. Therefore, if I could see myself in all three dimensions at a time, I would have to be outside of my body. I reasoned, that if I were outside of my body, then I’d have to be dead. This worried me greatly. I wondered who was going to take care of my baby. And what about my mother? This would break her heart.

Suddenly, I felt a change in my body temperature. It was a warmth that I had never felt before. It was a perfect temperature. For a few minutes, I worried over what would happen without me and then suddenly I thought, ‘Oh, they’ll work it out.’ It was then that I found myself in the tunnel. The tunnel was a bizarre experience because I was lying flat on my back like someone on a stretcher, except there was no stretcher. I was heading feet first to my destination. There were other people traveling with me. No one was speaking. All of us were traveling in the same direction and in the same manner. No one was speaking.

I came through the portal and I was standing in a beautiful forest. A woman yelled a ‘hello’ to me and I responded enthusiastically. However, I found this amazing because I did not know her as far as I could tell. Then I thought, ‘If I’m in heaven then I want to see Jesus.’ Just then, two women passed by. I asked them where I could find Jesus.

Their conversation went something like this as they addressed each other:

‘That’s the first thing they all ask,’ the first woman said to the other.

‘They’re always in a hurry,’ the other woman responded.

However, they kept on walking so I thought I’d better start searching for myself. In the distance I saw a man who was wearing a hooded robe and sitting on a large rock. At first, I wondered if he was Jesus. I never did get to see his face. As I got closer, I didn’t have to ask him who he was because I knew.

‘Would you like to stay here?’ he asked.

‘No,’ I answered.

‘Why?’ he asked.

‘Because I am not really here. I’m in the hospital having a baby and I have to take care of my child.’

He told me I could return. Suddenly, I was shot through that tunnel at lightning speed. I supposed when I finally got back to my senses some days later, that, the bolt must have been the defibrillator.