When I was about 11, I came down with chicken pox. I was very ill for a very long time. I would say I was deathly ill for about a month. I was running a very high fever, not eating, and had many lesions on my body that were very itchy and painful. The doctor would come by routinely for visits, as I was too weak to leave the house. There came a point where I was having visual hallucinations. I would be wide-awake and see bugs on my pillowcase – distressing, scary things. But I was awake during these events. My parents were getting very scared and the next day I was to be brought to the hospital. The hospital was preparing a room for me they said.

That night when I was in bed I suddenly found myself in a tunnel or in a blackness. There was this – what I can describe as – a cut out of the blackness. As if, you were to cut a hole in black paper or something. Because there was this hole is why I say I was in a tunnel of some kind. Anyway, it was pitch black except for this hole, where I could see a blue sky on the other side. The light did not permeate into the blackness where I was suspended. These two little girls appeared in this hole and they were looking at me, smiling, giggling, and telling me things. I felt completely happy and comforted by them. They were my age and I now feel like they were my guardian angels. Of course, I can’t be sure of this. The miraculous thing about this is the next morning I was completely better. No fever and I wanted to eat again. The sores went away almost immediately. I’ve always remembered this and have shared this with some people. I don’t know if I died or how long I was with these little girls. It was a wonderful feeling being with them. I wish I were high enough in this space to see behind these girls to see what landscape lay behind them but I was suspended below them looking up.

There was another experience that I feel, is worth mentioning. Not long ago I had surgery to remove my gall bladder. It was routine surgery but I was having much difficulty in the recovering room. I was vomiting and basically not recovering. The doctor decided to have me stay the night. The whole night I didn’t sleep due to nurses coming in every hour to check my vitals. At some point in the night, I heard a loud bang, almost like a gun shot went off near my head. Immediately, I was standing in this landscape and I could see other people standing near me looking up at these HUGE pink clouds leading up to the heavens. It was like being in the eye of a hurricane where it is still, with towering clouds leading upward for what looked like an eternity. The next thing I knew is I woke up feeling terrible. I don’t remember feeling any emotion with this experience – it was just this beautiful sight.