I was playing on the sidewalk in front of my home with a plastic truck, I wanted to fill it with sand on the opposite sidewalk and when I crossed a car hit me, I got up returned to my sidewalk and was feeling that I was urinating on me, I sat down and blacked out completely.

I’m stretched out on our couch at home, I’m seeing in rainbow colors people in white coats with the inscription Samu 93 (ambulance staff, transl.), I only understood a long time after what this meant.

Beside the doctors, my mother in my fathers arms, both crying, a horrible vision seeing them like this.

I’m seeing a child stretched out, but I don’t realize that this is me.

And I am like glued on the ceiling, I feel nothing, as if I was floating like in water, but without any feeling of weight, or pain, or heaviness, I have no weight at all.

Only the vision of my parents is scaring me, everybody is very agitated around this child, me of course.

If I had not this vision of my parents I could say that it is pleasant, strange to say this.

I’m hearing what is said, but some other person is talking to me, I don’t see it, I don’t understand it, I’m listening to the other persons who are taking care of me, to my mother begging me to come back.

But the well-being that I feel up there is stronger. The other voice is getting stronger, it is screaming scaring me and I only here this one, it comes to capture my attention, I still don’t see it, I don’t understand why.

I don’t here the doctors nor my parents anymore, only this voice which is talking to me, as if it was saying to go home, that it is time and that my parents would be very happy. This voice tells me to listen and to behave.

I wake up at the hospital, my mother enters my room with a gift, I’m getting up and I’m playing with it, I feel much better, but time had passed.

I never knew the duration of the coma, my mother never wanted to talk about.