Craig P.

I experienced a sudden heart attack and was flat-lined in the emergency room.

I left body and floated above it while observing the fruitless efforts of the many people below who were trying to revive me. As my earthly senses disappeared, I began seeing images of others and people who had passed away. I seemed to float upwards or outwards and experienced a parabolic worm hole in space. As I passed through the wormhole, I emerged into a vast darkness with many small points of light. There came an understanding that each point of light was an individual entity like myself. All were exactly similar and had no connection to their life as a human being. A brighter light appeared some distance in space or time. When drawn to this greater light, images of my family appeared. There was an instant in time that a choice had to be made.

I was suddenly transported back into my earthly body and understood that they were reviving me. I felt nothing, but knew what they were doing to revive me. I was transported to another hospital and continued to travel in and out of consciousness. I traveled down a brightly lit hallway and people were looking down at me. My wife appeared, but I did not have any memory of her. Two stents were placed in my body during surgery. I woke up in the intensive care unit with two people in the room. I had no memories of the past, except what I have described, and did not remember that I was human.

It took three years to begin to understand that I was again in a human body. I don’t believe that I can ever be more human than my entity again. I have gradually learned how to function in this body and teach, create art and heal others. Very few people are able to accept my story. I am very alone as a human being, but connected to something universal. Be calm. Be kind. Understand everything.