When she was about 25 years old, she had to have surgery to remove a brain tumor. While in surgery, she remembered lying in bed and suddenly seeing a bright light outside the window. In the yard were several cherubs dancing around a Maypole. She said all the cherubs looked just like me. While that was going on outside the window, the Virgin Mary appeared in her room, and told my mother it was time to go with her. Mom said to her that she couldn’t go with her because ‘Al and the kids need me’. Al was my dad. At the time of her surgery, my sister would have been three and I would have been 1 or 2 years old. The Virgin Mary told my mom that it was okay, that she could stay here and take care of us. The Virgin Mary and the cherubs then left and the bright light was gone. Mom said when she woke up after surgery, the doctors told her that they had lost her on the table and had to resuscitate her.

Two years ago, my mom passed away. Before she did, while she was still coherent and alert, she told us she wasn’t afraid to die because she already knew where she was going.