Dr. Simmi

This was the time when I was experiencing utter depression and anxiety because of my marital relationship. Nothing was working out. On 06-01-1998, on the recommendation of one my friends, I went to attend Reiki Level 1 session. Reiki is an alternative method of healing. I felt better but things appeared to be the same. The next day, it was 7th January afternoon when the entire world changed for me.

I was standing in my home kitchen when something unusual happened. I went into a deep state of trance. My body became weigtless. I rushed out of kitchen and sat down on sofa in my living room. I felt as if the entire universe was contained within me. Everything, every being, every soul, just became me. I am God. All my ill feelings towards my husband just disappeared. I was filled with unconditional love and a state of absolute joy. Too difficult to be described in words. The same night I felt as if I was passing through a tunnel. The next few days there was a weird feeling of my soul being out of my body. I was losing sensation of my body. I was fearless and felt extreme Joy.

It was as if I am witnessing people so engrossed in this illusory drama, even death as an illusion. I felt to be the major illusion because nothing dies or goes back. We all are just One. I just felt like hugging everybody so that I can tell them that we all are one. We are just mirror reflections of each other, something like optical illusion. I stayed in this extreme, supreme consciousness until January 1, 1998. On January 15th I remember requesting some divine intervention. My kids were too small then and I was losing interest in life, finding it difficult to do mundane chores. In the afternoon I dosed off to sleep. I woke up with the sensation of an astral being sitting beside me. He was a male figure. He said He has come because I requested help. He put his hand at the back of my neck and I again dosed off back to sleep. After an hour or so when I got up, I felt as if I am back into my body.

This experience was then followed by countless experiences. With each passing experience my clarity towards my own existence became clearer and clearer. The same year on 27 July, suddenly in the middle of night my room got filled with something foggy and colorful at the same time. I saw Chinese Goddess Kwanyin. My son who was suffering with very high fever suddenly improved. Even he witnessed Kwanyin and he still remembers this experience quite vividly. Later, I started seeing some vibrant rainbow-colored geometrical shapes. This I came to know only last year in September that all these years I had been perceiving Flower of Life. Since my first experience, I have been having tremendous experiences. Now I am working on my book on these and most importantly the knowledge that was being unfolded to me.