Faith M.

To Dr. Jeffrey Long (at NDERF) :

I saw you on NBC several days ago and am interested to know if you are still taking reports of what I call ‘dying and coming back.’ I am very happy you believe the people who have experienced this. I am one of them.

I believe the antigen-antibody reaction came one year before. My mom took me to the infirmary with the same complaint. After getting shot of penicillin, I managed not to collapse but felt an intense weakness like my life was leaving me.

Fifty years ago, while a freshman college, I had a sore throat and earache so went to the campus infirmary. They gave me a shot of penicillin, causing me to collapse on the floor. I saw the most brilliant light. I saw many spirits including my paternal grandfather, the blessed Mother, Christ, and God. Next, I was on the ceiling watching a doctor and nurse pound on my chest. I then came back to consciousness and the doctor yelled at me, “Why do you tell us you are allergic to penicillin?”

They kept me for observation several hours and then sent me back to my dormitory. Of course, I knew something extraordinary had happened. Being a very private person though, I told no one until I went home for a weekend. I told my parents.

I have always had no doubt that I went to heaven and back. In my late 20s, books or reports came out like one by Dr. Moody. It was the first time I realized that others went through what I did.

Hope you appreciate my story cardiac arrest and anaphylactic shock, and heaven.