I was in the process of having an angioplasty, when I heard myself tell the doctor, ‘I don’t feel that well.’ All of a sudden, I felt my upper body being flung back like the bed was being laid straight back. Then I was at the ceiling, looking down towards myself on the bed. The doctor and his two nurses were alongside the bed. I knew instantly that they were the medical team doing my procedure. I knew it was my body on the bed. The doctor and the staff were standing in what appeared to be a sea of black ink. The colors of their uniforms were outstandingly brilliant. I felt just wonderful, not frightened in any sense but was stunned at the brilliance of the colors I saw. The next thing I was aware of was waking up in the intensive care unit with the staff asking me if I saw the light, did I see a tunnel, and did I see anyone I knew? I kept dozing off after asking several times for a cup of tea but falling back to sleep before I could partake. I imagine it was the medication that I was then given.