Joel B.

I got married on the 15th of January 1970. This happened on the 18th of January 1970 at 10:20 am. I was trying to fix a control in an electrical cabinet. I was moving a measuring device, while watching an ampere meter measuring between two phases, of which one was 380 volts. Following a wrong movement, a short circuit happened. Due to the intensity of electricity, the cables of my device were sticking to the ground terminals and melted. I was burned as I was electrocuted. I was told later that I was unconscious for about a half hour with intervention of the fire brigade. During this time, I was in an endless tunnel and had the impression of seeing my life flashing by me. I passed relatives and other people that I knew, like my fiancée and brother. Then I woke up or was revived by the firemen. It is impossible for me to remember which. I was on life support and connected to monitors everywhere while I was still at the site of the accident. I think I was lucky that the accident happened less than one kilometer away from the fire station.