John M.

I came back to consciousness after the procedure because I couldn’t breathe. I pushed the button for the nurse. I got out, ‘I can’t breathe.’ Then everything went black and the big panic was on for the staff. I remember hearing the big doors slam, seeing the lights in the hallway, and then nothing, just blackness. Then I saw myself floating in a sea of very dark blackness. I felt total love, NO judgment, and no negativity at all. I heard the doctor talking to the interns about what to do. They had tried everything medical, but NOTHING worked because I did not want to come back. I had never felt SO loved, SO calm, NO pain, and NOTHING negative…NOTHING. Around me, it was completely flat black. I had NO fear of ANY kind. It was WONDERFUL and AMAZING. It felt like graduation day because I was finally free of this life and ready to move on. The doctor in charge asked what should be done to bring me back. A female voice said to put pressure on the nerves of the points of the jaw. That worked. I was SO angry that I had NO choice in the matter. I did NOT want to come back!!!