Jolie B.

I was at home. I felt like I had a bad case of heart burn, but it seemed more painful than any heart burn I had ever had before. The heartburn finally stopped and I went to bed for about four hours. When I woke up, the pain in my chest returned but was much worse that before. My shoulder hurt, my arms where going numb, and I was in a cold sweat. I called 911 and they arrived after about five minutes. I went from sitting on the bed to collapsing on the floor.

I woke up and everything was very dark. I wasn’t in any pain but felt very heavy. My body looked different and shapeless. I felt as though I had slowly came out of my body. I had this extreme feeling of heaviness; I wasn’t scared, it was more of a pleasant feeling. Than a hand reached out to take mine so I reached out for it. Then I fell into a pleasant dream-state that felt as though I had been sleeping for like a half hour.

All off a sudden I woke up on the bed with paramedics all around me. I felt upset because I was having such a pleasant dream and they had woken me up. Then one of them said, ‘Sir, you have just had a heart attack. Your heart stopped for 15 seconds and we had to do CPR and shock you.’ It felt like I had a pleasant nap for like a half hour. My main artery was blocked and they put two stents in my heart at the hospital. They kept me in the hospital for a week. I have some heart damage but I’m alive thanks to the paramedics.