I had another dream with Denise in, previous to this dream and other spiritual experiences, but last night the dream I had with Denise in seemed extremely real and life like. I can still feel her touch on me.

It started with me opening the door to an old, broken down house. I went inside and it was the same house as in my last dream with Denise in. It was dark and dirty in the house with all broken, old furniture, the same as in the last dream, too. Denise was standing in the middle of the dark room as I opened the front door and she was wearing the same clothes as in my last dream of her. She had on a cropped summer blouse which tied at the belly button and and a pair of jeans. She was stood there looking at me smiling and I called out to her and shouted, ‘Denise, it’s you !’ I was smiling and feeling elated and I ran into her open arms and we hugged and kissed. She was healthy and well and she told me she was enjoying her new life and was well now and not for me to worry and for me to be happy and not upset, because she was fine and was around me. She told me she was with her son, Timothy. She didn’t have her nervous ticks. Then we looked around the house and she said we used to live there one time. It was full of old, scruffy, dirty furniture and it was in the dark still.

Then Denise took me to a room she said was hers and she picked up this cardboard box, which was spotless and I could see it clearly as I could see Denise clearly. Denise opened the cardboard box, which was as big as a box of chocolates, and in it there were envelopes, cards and photos, lots of them. We were kneeling on the floor and Denise spread them out in a line and then she said,’ Look, I got these for you lot, they are for you all.’ Then she pointed to one of them and said it was a card for one of my sisters’ she had put away and that my sister had not been given it.

Then we stood up and Denise and I were hugging and kissing tightly and I didn’t want to let go, we were both smiling and joyous. I was asking her to stay with me and that I missed her, but she said she had to go and that I would see her again, but she had been resting and recovering and would come again to see me. She told me that she is always with me and not to worry and get upset and to enjoy my life. She was extremely compassionate and caring, she was always like that in life, but now it seems to emanate from her and there seemed some extreme wisdom and serenity to her compassion. She said she was well now and her old self, but that the new life is Love and Compassion. Then she led me to the front door, all the time hugging and kissing me and smiling. I could feel her touch and kisses. I went to the door and it opened and it was daylight outside. I turned to Denise, but she couldn’t go outside the door. After that I was sort of floating and seeing places, flats, etc and Denise said,’ These were places you have lived’ to me as I floated pass them. I only heard Denise’s voice then, she wasn’t with me. Then I came to a bungalow and the dream ended. I live in a bungalow now. The bungalow wasn’t mine though.

I woke up and I could feel and sense that Denise had been with me and I had hugged and kissed her. It felt extremely real and I felt tearful but joyous all day and I could feel Denise’s love and compassion, as if it was healing me. I feel a sense of contentment and coming to terms with Denise’s loss now. All day I have felt like someone is touching me.