Kohn A.

On April 25, 2016, my longtime girlfriend died of a drug overdose. I was so distraught over this loss that on the following day, I purchased a big bottle of over-the-counter drugs. I drove home and proceeded to swallow the whole bottle. My employers, who were also my good friends, discovered me a little while later. They realized that I had taken something and my condition was getting worse rapidly. That is when one of them called 911. I lost consciousness at this point and remember nothing until later in the intensive care unit at the local hospital.

The first thing that I remember is feeling like I was being restrained and struggling to free myself. What I didn’t realize was that for some unknown reason, I became extremely agitated and was trying to escape from the room in which I was.

A nurse informed me of this because I wasn’t aware of it. I was also informed later that it took twelve or so hospital employees including five security guys to control me. I was given a shot of whatever they give to unruly patients to calm them down and it stopped my heart immediately. At this point, I remember saying to myself that I’m dead and asking God please forgive me.

The room I was in was the same room, yet it was much darker. I remember looking up at the clock on the wall that read 9:10 pm. But I was astounded to see that the minute hand had stopped. Soon after that, I noticed a man pacing back and forth in the hallway right outside of my room. I felt a very strong resentment toward this man even though I had never seen him before. As he was pacing back and forth, he never took his eyes off me, swiveling his head after each ‘lap’ so not to lose eye contact at all. This man appeared to be in his early 30s and normal in appearance in every way. I remember feeling as though the sliding door to my room represented a boundary of some sort, so I made sure that I didn’t cross it. I was not floating above my body but I was standing up facing the guy in the hallway. I don’t recall ever feeling my body as this was happening but I very well could have been floating. I wasn’t looking back at my body. Soon after this, pictures started flashing in front of me like someone flipping through a photo album. In it were pictures of myself as a happy, peace-filled person who has a purpose in life and with tasks that are incomplete as of yet. I could feel a wise, Holy Spirit who, to me, must have been God. Although I never saw him, I definitely felt his presence.

The next thing that I knew, I was waking up the next morning. I was feeling very happy to be alive and knowing that I am a changed man who has absolutely no fear of dying and will spend the rest of my life helping others in every way that I can. Also, I found out later that I had been put on life support that night but remember nothing of this