I am now 18 years old. At the time of the accident, I was about 11 or 12 years old. The accident occurred quickly in a two-story house that I use to live in. I remember being upstairs with my siblings; three of us including myself. My brother was in my sister’s room and they were playing a game. I was probably in my room doing something else not being included in whatever it was that they were playing. I remember coming into my sister’s room with them. As I approached my brother from behind who was kneeling down, he suddenly stood up without knowing I was behind him. His head hit my two front teeth and began to bleed. We rushed to the bathroom on the same floor. My sister and I tried to stop the blood, but to my surprise, it was so much blood and it wouldn’t stop bleeding. So, I called my mom. I rushed out of the bathroom and I looked down from the second floor to the first floor where my mom was watching TV. We all went to the downstairs bathroom. My mom was cleaning my brother’s head and trying to stop the bleeding while my sister and I were watching.

I started to feel very light-headed. I fainted and fell on the floor. I start to convulse and my mom tried to wake me up. Throughout this all, I remember seeing what had happened. It replayed in my head like it was a movie, except I wasn’t myself. I was someone else and was watching myself help my brother with his head. I rushed out of the bathroom to call my mom for help. I remember seeing myself call my mother, but from downstairs in the kitchen. I saw everything but it seemed like I was seeing from someone else’s perspective.

Afterwards, I got up still feeling light-headed. I never had something like this happen to me again.