Maria B.

After my father’s funeral my husband thought we should take a short trip from Rhode Island to our favorite place in Vermont. He thought getting away would help me feel better. I was pretty grief stricken. My Father’s death was not expected and was a shock to me.

We stopped at a Deli we had been to several times before on trips to Vermont.

While my husband and daughter were at the counter ordering lunch I was looking around a displays of various merchandise in the store.

One display had artificial ivy strung around the boxes of crackers, jams, cheeses etc. for decoration.

One of the hundreds of green ivy leaves caught my eye and I reached to touch it and it fell into my hand.

I just remember feeling really weird and saying to myself “what is this”? Is this a leaf? What is going on?

I held the leaf and it seemed to fall apart. But it was folded. I unfolded it and it was a $20 bill. I felt really strange like everything around me had gone away and I was standing there with this ‘leaf’.

I couldn’t breathe or talk and could only think, Dad, Dad. This is Mad Money from Dad. The overwhelming feeling I got was one of profound hope and reassurance that my Father was present with me and that we would surely see each other again.

After some time I gathered my composure and began walking toward the counter where my husband and daughter were standing. I still was in shock. Just then the clerk said to my husband, “that will be $19.99”.

I told my family what happened when we got into the car. We couldn’t explain it. The leaf seemed to transform in my hand.

That evening we were seated at an outdoor cafe for dinner (on a windy day), when my daughter found 2 ten dollar bills under the table. After dinner there were dollar bills lining the path to the ice cream shop, which my daughter collected. My daughter and I found dollar bills on the ground in several locations after we returned home for the about the next 2 weeks.

Since that time I have never found any more money, other than occasional change on the ground.

That was 25 years ago. We’ve never forgotten that experience.

To this day I am reassured that life continues beyond death and this gift from my Father will be with me always. I feel very fortunate to have had this experience. It changed me and continues to amaze my husband and daughter as well.