Mark B.

It was a hot September, summer day. I was visiting my father, stepmother, and step sisters because my parents were divorced and both had remarried. We all went on a road trip to swing in a large lake. I wasn’t a very good swimmer, so I never went into deep water. There was a very long pier that went out into the lake. My older sisters were all at the end of the pier. I was running to be with them. I slipped on the wet pier and went sliding under the side railing and into the deep water below. I hit the water and sunk. I then came up one time and but sunk back down. I never came back up.

I remember standing flat-footed on the bottom of the lake. I was just standing there, not panicking but just peaceful. I remember looking all around me in awe. It was so beautiful. The plants were swaying with the current and fish were swimming by me. From a distance, I could see a bright light. It was getting closer and closer. Right as the light was about to consume me, I woke up choking on water with someone pushing on me to clear the water from my lungs.

My sister had dove into the lake to find me. What seemed like a long time under the water wasn’t as long as I thought or felt. After this experience, many thing started happening to me. I never thought that my experience could be the cause until recently when I was watching a program on TV. Something told me I should look up my near death experience.