I was in the room to be seen by a surgeon in hospital. He was to evaluate and treat a hernia that I had. My perspiration was out of control and my body temperature was going up. I asked for help and a nurse returned minutes later with a stretcher. Aalmost as a reflex, I started to recite the Pslam 23 from the Bible. The crash-cart team came in. The scene turned into chaos in the medical area as various machines were sounding their alarms.

I was sucked out of my body and into a dark tube. I was in a gray space with very small black points, like when you turn off an old TV. Maybe it was static. I reacted with great calmness and experienced great tranquility. I came to the conclusion that I had died. The thing that was covering me had no shape. I don’t know if it was a square or a sphere. I tried to walk several different times, but although my feet moved, the space I am referring to kept it’s distance. I waited for a light, some form of life or Being. There was complete silence and unimaginable calm, but nothing happened. I folded my arms and said to myself, ‘Well, I will wait.’ I didn’t think about anyone or anything. All the material things I possessed, simply didn’t interest me and neither did people that I love. Suddenly I felt again, the suction through the tube.

I opened my eyes because I was hearing the shouting of the workers. ‘Doctor, the resuscitator doesn’t have a beat.’ A voice said, ‘It seems he is coming back to life.’ But my body didn’t respond. I blinked my eyelashes so they would know I was there. The doctor put his ear next to my mouth and exclaimed how lightly I was breathing. I said, ‘Help me doctor.’ I lost consciousness and woke up three days after the heart attack in the intensive care unit.