Mike R.

I was driving in the car and suddenly the view blurred in front of my eyes. I had the impression that I still could stop in time, but this was not the case.

I watched the situation as if I were standing a bit higher and beside the car. I saw the other cars passing my car, but I couldn’t see myself. There was a short series of pictures and some talking going on. I don’t remember what we talked about except that it was a very pleasant, warm voice. What remained was the moment in darkness. I was the only one there. The darkness was endless. I had the feeling and awareness of being dead. I remember thinking that dying happens so fast, that I need not having any fear of dying. After this I felt a lightness, love, happiness, contentment, security, and well-being that permeated throughout me. This feeling was so infinitely intensive and endless, much like the black environment was intense and endless. It was absolutely quiet and perfect. I started to count. Actually, I thought to count how long it would take to die. But it was different. I counted calmly and serenely without any fear. 20, 21, 22 and then woke up to see the emergency doctor in front of me.

Later, I was told that I crashed into another car and the passersby found me in my car inanimate and respectively without consciousness.