During running in school physical education, I fell down due to my classmate pushing me to the ground. There were bruises all over my body and my left elbow was hurt badly. My wounds were getting healed gradually as time went by. One day, my mother called me to go upstairs for dinner; I was not careful and fell on the stairs bumping my semi-healed left elbow. I was not feeling anything difference back then except for some pains. Not until when I scooped a bowl of rice, I blacked out with a hum in my ears.

I felt I was sucked upwards through a beam of light. I saw myself standing on a bed of clouds surrounded in a white misty fog. I felt warmed. As when I confused where I was, suddenly there was an old grandmother wearing a white long robe appeared in front of me. Looking at her face through thoughts, she was about 80 years old; however, she was full of energy and did not look old at all. She spoke to me telling me ‘Don’t be afraid, you won’t be desolate, lonesome, and painful anymore. No more all these negative feelings, but filled with complete love.’ Yes, I did feel that way as well. Then she told me to follow her. She also reminded me not to turn around if I hear a voice calling me. I then followed her; she became taller than before. I was about her calf height. I felt like a kid, when I held her hands.

In front of me, I saw people in white robes standing and smiling at me, whose gowns looked like Gandalf from Lord of Rings. Slowly I walked toward them and I noticed to my left that was my paternal grandfather and maternal grandfather. I did not recognize the people, male and female, to my right. I never met them in my life. They were all very kind and smiled at me. Suddenly, I felt panic and heard someone repeatedly calling my name. I was annoyed; impatiently I turned around and wondered who was calling me.

Hereafter, I woke up slowly. Before I fully gained my conscious, I was confused about what I was doing. Later I remembered I had fainted. I had several episodes after this experience. My Mom tried to wake me up by calling my name continuously before I resumed my conscious. I asked Mom how long I was out; she said it was about two minutes. However, it felt like hours.