Paul G.

Hello, and thank you for allowing me to ‘connect’ with others about my NDE. It has been a while since my experience. As I read from your other readers personal accounts, there were some I could relate to and others I could not. In my opinion, when I went through this experience, I don’t care to explain myself for gain of money or even if someone believes me. I don’t care, because I went through it and that’s all that matters.

(Following are excerpts from my Manuscript): LIFE AFTER DEATH & DEATH AFTER LIFE a True Story by Paul A. Garcia © 2015


At the time of my experience, I was 31 years old, had two children and was engaged to be married. This is a true account of an experience I had after being hit by a truck in Colorado, while walking along the road. How do I explain this experience? I saw and understood things that I cannot express. I grasp unsatisfactorily for hollow words to explain things that I know, I saw, and I felt. I truly believe I was somewhere in another dimension of the world beyond.

The date was New Year’s Eve, 1984. It was on that particular date that I felt beckoned to cross that vast, unknown void, between life and death.


Reservations were set for dinner, for two, at a very nice restaurant. My fiancée and I arrived at approximately 9:00 p.m. to celebrate the New Year with dinner, drinks and dancing. During our meal we got into one of those typical ‘lover’s quarrels’. She told me that she was leaving and going home. Then she left the table and stormed out of the establishment with her full-length coat trailing after her like a white shadow.


At first, everything seemed to be going in slow motion. Yet, everything leading up to the point of impact had taken approximately three to four seconds. Just before I was hit, I remember the bright headlights, the scratching sound of the tires, and the blaring horn. After the impact, everything was quiet as I was flying through the air. Then suddenly, there was a thump. My body had landed on the ground. I was lying on my back, face up in the snow bank about sixty feet from the point of impact.


As I am lying face-up with my body against the ground, I look like the front or top of my body is a carcass, or more like a mold with an open back. On the top side of this ‘body mold’ is one part of this accident scene. It is very light on the top side of this mold. It is as though someone has taken a large imaginary knife and sliced the whole scene of the accident at ground level, with my body lying in the center of this picture. The imaginary slice is just below the snow and pavement. Directly below, is where the separation begins. Suddenly, as though an artist is cracking the shell of their art piece or mold, I am leaving my ‘body shell’. I am now dropping down, sinking ever slowly as though time is non-existent.


I am breaking through these ‘Planes’ as my new spirit-like body continues to drop. I am still on my back even though there is no such thing as position here. It is as though there are some invisible, liquid type ‘glass planes’ present and I am dropping or sinking through them, one by one. It seems like this process is taking days, months or even years, despite the fact that there is nothing related to time itself here. Time is back on Earth. There is no time here.

It is hard to recollect what information I received then. I think it had something to do with those pod-like shells that were falling away from my brain as the information was entering my mind. Sometimes this whole thing sympathetically scares me, if ‘scares’ is the best word to use, as it was not a frightening place where I was.


After processing these thoughts, my body has now come to a complete stop. I have approached what appears to be an ‘invisible but clear glass-like revolving-window.’ I am still flat on my back, except now I am ever so slowly beginning to rotate over to my right side. If I continue this rotation, I will end up flat on my stomach.


Being at this revolving window, before I begin my ascent, the following is what I was allowed to remember and know. There are many other people or souls all around me. This I know. They have heads and faces but their bodies are like unimportant nightgowns. I know that each of these souls/people have not lost their individuality/uniqueness. Each person I am looking at has retained his or her own identity. There are masses of people, enormous amounts of people. They are all moving in one unanimous flow or direction. They are all in the position of lying down on their belly. I believe they all have interesting expectations about what is ahead, however they seem content given the knowledge they possess. I, myself, am curious about what is ahead of them.

If someone were to ask me questions about that place like, ‘Was it happy there, or was it sad?’ I would simply answer, ‘It was warm there, if warm can explain it.’ What I do remember unequivocally is that at the point of the revolving window, there was something big, VERY BIG, ahead where everyone there was going to and moving towards it.


The knowledge I acquired in the previous planes allows me to remember exactly what is in my present surroundings. Here I don’t need hearing or sight, because I know, without the need to focus. I know what is all around me. I understand as well the space all around me. With this ‘full knowledge’, why do I need to physically turn my head and look ahead in order to see where I am going? I don’t! I know without seeing. I don’t know how, I just know things. Whoever made the decision, I am to return to Earth. I am beginning to ascend upwards slowly like an old freight elevator up the many traveled flights. It feels like I am reversing what was not meant to be reversed, as if I am swimming upstream or going against the grain. As I am passing through these planes, I know that I am moving through different dimensions in space and time. My mind is retaining only superficial information within each one of these particular levels.


Thank you again, for allowing me to express my account and myself. I was looking for a forum to share while I am still on this little planet called Earth.