I was riding my motorcycle home, when a drunk came into my lane and hit me with his car.

I became aware that I was traveling faster than light. The light was behind me and pure blackness was ahead. I thought, what is this?

As I went on, the gap between the light and dark became greater. I began to worry there would be a sudden stop.

I saw a dot of light and latched my all onto it. The dot became bigger and bigger. As I got closer to the light, joy began washing over me.

The light became a doorway. I was thinking, ‘Oh my God, it is real! It’s true and I am here!’ I heard thousands of musical voices and understood every one of them at the same time. Then Jesus was the light.

I was not of this body, but whatever I was, it was normal to me. Jesus telepathically said, ‘I know it’s bad and I know it hurts. I am sorry.’ I could feel his sorrow for me. He continued, ‘You have not done what you said you would do and you must go back.’ I did not know where back was, but I knew it was not through the light and that was the only way I was going. I said, ‘NO! By God, I’m here and I’m staying.’ Jesus said, ‘You will come here. You do get to come here, but not yet. Not now. I’m sorry.’

I then heard someone say, ‘We got him. My God, he’s awake!’ I was thinking, ‘Why should I not be awake?’ Then I heard a squishing sound in my head and woke up in intensive care.

The return here began as a nightmare most could not have survived. There was no rehabilitation, no help with hospital drug addiction, and I was refused help from social security even though I was eligible.

I was only concerned with doing what I said I would do and returning to home. I became a chaplain. I have healed both people and animals. I have been asked to leave every church I have attended, except one. I was invited to speak to the children at the church and then asked to be a Deacon of their church. I agreed to do so if they would do one thing. They said name it. I asked that they turn the locks around on the doors.

I am no longer a Deacon of that church. I no longer preach much and no longer madly try to do what I said I would do. I just watch and smile. Sometimes I lay hands on people without their knowing. Sometimes I hear of a miracle healing and just smile. There are answers in the holy book, if you can see past the corruption of men.