I was skiing and racing downhill. I was not wearing a helmet because I was sizing the course up and not doing serious downhill racing. The course went into a forest and out onto a jump. When I took the jump, I ran into someone standing in the middle of the gate. We collided head to head and both lost consciousness. This is many years ago and is first time I write about it. I broke my teeth and lost consciousness for 20 minutes.

I left my physical body and saw myself lying down in the white snow, surrounded by the contrasting red color of the blood. I went into a tunnel and had a ‘once in a lifetime’ feeling of peace with the world. I felt no pain. I saw the brightest light and then had a big choice, ‘Should I let go?’ I was fully aware of what was going on around me. My reaction was to return to my body.

I felt a lot of pain from the broken teeth and headache. I woke up in a helicopter going to the hospital.

My life went on to build a wonderful family with a loving wife, four magnificent children, and a grandson. The experience clearly changed my life with full certainty of having gone through the afterlife passage and returning. I have never felt a similar peacefulness since that time.