Richy K.

I had been smoking marijuana. Someone gave me another joint that was laced with LSD. I had an out of body experience along with hallucinations but very definitely, I was disturbed by the confusing experience. I was trying to figure out if my experience was merely all about the drugs or an encounter with the divine. It took me some time to sort it out and think about it all.

I was able to tell my friends what they were doing while I was unconscious and hovering over my body. At one point, I saw one of my friends come by to pick me up and declared I was dead. I was extremely moved by being in the presence of immense LOVE and PEACE. I had a moment of extreme awareness of my failings and faults while in the presence of a Being who was an overwhelming reality of Love, Light and Peace. I spoke with this presence amidst a feeling of FINALITY and expressed sorrow for my self-centeredness, sins and faults. I was given a chance to make a choice to complete my life.

While I did wake up, I was dazed and confused for quite some time. The experience changed my life in that I became a true believer in God. I do not fear death and have dedicated my life to be of service to others.