Sharon G.

I was sitting alone late at night in my living room waiting on a call about my mother who was in the hospital in Kentucky. I was missing my grandson who had died unexpectedly 3 months earlier at the age of 25. We were very close all of his life, and he lived with me the last 10 years of his life. I had just ‘talked’ to him, as I do at least once a day. I said to him ‘if you can let me know without any stress to you, in a definitive way, that you are okay, and that you still exist and are still aware, I would so appreciate it. If you can’t don’t worry about it. I love you.’ About once a week, I send him a message on Facebook, knowing that he won’t ever see it, but it’s kind of like a running diary, and it makes me feel better. Even though we lived in the same house, we often talked to each other on Facebook Message when he was in his room. So, right after talking to him, I got my laptop and opened it up to Facebook and started a message to him. I clicked on the top left side of the message box where you start typing a message. The cursor kept starting over to the top right instead. I tried several times to start on the top left, but it always popped over to the top right. So I started typing. The words came out backwards from right to left like this : traehteewS iH,and continued for several words, then the whole thing popped over to the left as it should have been and the words came out the right way. I knew in my heart that it was Ryan’s way of telling me he was aware and alive in spirit. Since then, I have felt like I had my definitive answer.